The Coffee That Saves Children

Your purchase of Highland Coffee Company coffee supports rescue missions to save missing, exploited and sex trafficked American children.

The Association for the Recovery of Children

ARC began its journey in 1993 during the civil war in Mogadishu, Somalia, when its founder, Bazzel Baz (former Captain USMC and CIA SOG/GB Officer), along with a few other clandestine operators rescued two children who were displaced and abandoned by their father, who was from another country. When Baz returned to the United States and discovered that approximately 250,000 American children were reported missing, his disappointment in the U.S. government’s inability to find and save these children weighed heavy on his heart. Most of these children were considered by law enforcement to be runaways. Jurisdictional boundaries, communication, red tape and financial barriers, just to name a few, prevented most local, state and federal agencies from pursuing cases that involved missing, exploited and sex trafficked American children.

Baz realized that something had to be done to save our children…something bigger than overthrowing small governments. So, he resigned from the world of espionage and created what is now one of the longest running child rescue organizations in America. It is the Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC), home of the Patron Saint of Missing Children.

ARC is a 501©3 non-profit organization of former intelligence, military and law enforcement officers dedicated to the recovery of missing, exploited and sex trafficked American children.

Once the efforts of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been exhausted or they do not engage, ARC gets involved. ARC recovers these children at no cost to the custodial guardian and with no paycheck in their pocket. It is an all-volunteer organization. Thus far ARC has a 100% success rate in that every child they have gone after, they have brought safely home.

So, let us ask this question. How do you murder a child without killing them?  The answer:  You sexually exploit them. Once this happens, the child slowly dies inwardly for rest of their life. It is the seven-year-old girl with cigarette burns all over her body, chained to the closet floor, not fed in days but raped several times a day by both male and female predators. Her body is stricken with multiple STDs and carries trauma that will last a lifetime. Let us be clear, the term “trafficking” has become so commonplace that most people don’t even blink an eye when the word is mentioned. So let us tell you what it really is. It is paid child rape.

So, who will save this little girl and thousands of others just like her?  You will…as a strategic partner of ARC, with each purchase of coffee from Highland Coffee Company.

We have designated a portion of each coffee sale to go directly to support child rescue operations that ARC is engaged in…for just that purpose…to save those children who cannot save themselves.

Your purchase of Highland Coffee Company coffee brings hope and rescue to sex trafficked American children. Saving one child may not change the world but for that one child their entire world will change.

If we do not…then who will?